Welcome to Party Rock Productions

  • Photo Booths

    The classic strip photo booth is a must have for your next event. All of our photo booths come assembled and are operated by one of our trained technicians for the duration of your event.

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  • Our Lighting

    Party Rock Productions offers a variety of lighting options in order to create a beautiful atmosphere making your event special. A range of options that allow for color changes to flow evenly with your event and color choices. Ask about our lighting packages today!

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  • Party Favors

    We go above and beyond making your event the most beautiful and exciting possible. We offer a wide array of party favors including sunglasses, favors, glow bracelets and much more. All the things you could want to ensure your guests have a wonderful time.

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Event Additions

  • Zap Shots

    We offer a different take on presenting your photos throughout your event! While we do accept montages and allow for them to be displayed on on your choice of televisions, we in addition offer a zap shots service. Zap shots allows for our photographers to take pictures throughout your event and display them on the televisions for you and your guests to enjoy! It allows for you and your guests to feel involved and included in your special day.

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  • Photography/Videography

    At Party Rock Productions we offer the highest quality of photos and video possible. Our equipment is always updating and changing with the times. Our photographers and videographers are knowledgable and well versed in their fields. Always capturing every single moment, including sentimental and candid. We at Party Rock strive to ensure the quality of our photos and videos so that you can have a lifetime of memories.

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